Estimado Mark Twain: cartas de sus lectores

Estimado Mark Twain: cartas de sus lectores

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Ron Powers, en su nota introductoria de este libro, comenta que la mayoría de las cartas provienen de tipos comunes y corrientes:

“Most letters are from everyday folks writing from the security of their everyday habitats, and thus far more disposed to reveal themselves on a wide range of topics.”

Interesante ver a Tawin responder:

Petrolea  Aug. 7 1880
Mr Clemens

Dear Sir, – What will you charge to write me a lecture.  One that will take about 1 1/4 hours to deliver it.  Humorous and stirring, but not too pathetic.  An early answer will very much oblige.

Yours Respectfully
R.T. Lowery  Ont  Can.

[Twain’s comment on this letter was, simply, “Ass.”]


New York City  Nov. 21, 1901

Dear Mr. Mark Twain: – I am a little girl six years old. I have read your stories since they first came out. I have a cat named Kitty, and a dog named Pup. I like to guess puzzles. Did you write a story for the Herald Com-pe-ti-tion? I hope you will answer my letter.

Yours truly,
Augusta Kotrecht.

Sioux City, Ia., 1882
Samuel Clemmens

Dear Sir,   The favor of your Autograph is respectfully solicited.

Yours truly,
Clarence E. Ash

[Twain’s comment on this letter was “Good God!” He hated to be asked   for his autograph.]


165 Madison Avenue   New York City
November 30th, 1907

My dear Mr. Clemens:   I have seen in the New York Tribune this morning that to-day is your birthday – and it is mine too!   I am writing to wish you many happy returns of the day and to tell you that I think Tom Sawyer is the nicest boy I have ever known.

Sincerely yours,
Florence Benson

[Twain responded, telling her, “I have always concealed it before, but now I am compelled to confess that I am Tom Sawyer!”]


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