Butterflies – John Malkovich


I have this idea in my mind for a painting about butterflies. Blue and green and yellow butterflies, tumbling out of my brain. I think it’s going to be good. I feel like I can almost touch them… like they’re right there for me to grab as they’re flying away… out of my skull and taking all those dark thoughts and little devils with them. Just fluttering away and leaving the good stuff behind. Butterflies. I’m going to get my canvas and my paints. I think I’m all better. I think I’m ready to leave

Directores creativos: Will Johnson & William Campbell. Obra de la productora Gentlemen Scholar en colaboración con John Malkovich. Gran corto, con una edición excelsa y muy buenos efectos. ¿Retrato de la naturaleza sórdida y depresiva del hombre moderno? Ustedes juzguen.